Commercial Door Repair

Your office needs top-grade security systems to ensure there is no loss of lives and properties due to theft or robbery cases. Toronto commercial door repair professionals and be rest assured that your offices are well protected. They specialize in the installation and maintenance of all institutional doors and access control systems. The company is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Commercial Door Repair

General Commercial Door Repair Services

Some of the commercial door repair solutions available include

a.Commercial glass door repair.

b.Changes and repairs rusted doors and frames.

c.Installation of weather seal on doors.

d.Fitting of access control devices.

e.Store front door installations.

f.Setting up of door closers.

g.Steel doors and frames.

h.Storefront door repairs.

i.Handicap door openers.

j.Retrofitting of doors.

k.Compliance with American Disabilities Act (ADA).

l.Dealers on commercial doors hardware and installation.

m.Installs exit doors and fire doors.

n.Repairs wooden doors and frames.

Specialized Commercial Door Repair Services

Commercial door repair offers specialized services to everyone such as complying with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), providing commercial steel fire doors, and repairing and installing of storefront doors.

Compliance with American Disabilities Act (ADA)

Disabled persons are a special class of citizens in society with equal rights and privileges. These commercial door repair professionals are in compliance with the law to ensure that disabled citizens have unrestrained entry and exit into offices and other commercial places. Trust commercial door repair in Mississauga to professional technicians. They can fit into all gates and doors handicap and ADA door openers such as ADA compliant railings and rods, low profile thresholds, barrier-free door closers, and ADA compliant door levers and handles. You will also get other access control devices and security hardware systems to manage to disable persons.

Commercial Steel Fire Doors

Business places and other commercial properties are supposed to be protected using commercial steel fire doors. These are fire rated doors used in offices and to safeguard stairways.

Types of Doors

Various types of doors used in offices include sliding doors, interior doors, patio doors, entry doors, fireproof doors, automatic doors, revolving doors, shower doors, manual doors, metal doors, herculite doors, glass doors, and hollow metal doors.

Other types of doors are heavy glass doors, wooden doors, aluminum storefront doors, and roof hatches.

Repairs and Installations of Commercial Storefront Doors

Commercial door repair involves installation services too. All business places need to be protected with high-quality storefront doors that everyone including disabled persons can easily access. Some commercial door repair solutions available include 3 point locks, roton hinges, and heavy-duty hinges, flush bolts, door closers, pivots, strike plates, door handles, floor closers, replacement glass, and panic devices.

Other commercial door repair services you need are automatic door repair parts, pull and push hardware devices, push plates, surface mount door closers, overhead concealed door closers, hinges, wireless push plates, low energy door operators, and door stops.

Commercial Door Repair and Locksmithing

Commercial door repair also involves locksmithing services like provision of high-security keys and locks, rekeying existing locks, cutting of keys and replacement, deadbolts installation, duplication of keys and master key services, strike plates, door handles, and cylinders for mobile locksmith solutions.

Other services include mag locks, padlocks, fitting of file cabinet keys and locks, panic hardware, push bars, lockout situations, entry and exit hardware, keyless entry devices, sets of the lever, drill outs, removal of broken keys and emergency locksmith solutions.


No matter the issue with your doors in the office, you need commercial door repair services to avoid missing great opportunities. These technicians will provide customized services for you. They comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure all disabled persons enjoy easy entry and exit from commercial places. The company can repair your storefront doors and install fire rated doors in your business place. Contact them for a free quote today.

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